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Salamander whole house pump

Why does my New Salamander whole House pump coming on when no water is being used it activates for approx fir two to three seconds

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It sounds like one of your toilet cisterns could be overflowing.


Answered 10th Nov 2020

Hi it sounds like the flow switch in ur pump is failing it will need a new one as they are not something you can just take out and replace easily hope it helps but check water isn't flowing especially from ball cocks somewhere first


Answered 2nd Dec 2020

is it a positive or negative head pump ? , either way if it is a normal head pump water is moving in system causing it to work the flow switch on the cold or hot side, if a negative head then the system is loosing pressure somewhere, this often is caused by wc fill valves letting by.


Answered 10th Nov 2020

Sounds like you have either a faulty shower cartridge or tap cartridge, and it could be letting by water very slowly, check for dripping shower head or dripping taps 👍


Answered 7th Dec 2020

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