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Mortar mix help!!!!

I am planning on doing a dry stone wall effect wall in Stock using a local sandstone, we are planning on filling the middle of the wall with mortar to give the outside look of being dry stone. does anyone have any advice for me on the best way to go about this and what type of mortar to use. Any information would be appreciated regards Chris

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Get yourself a good brickie, don't try it your self.


Answered 31st May 2012

Sandstone is a soft stone so would suggest a premixed lime mortar by specialist. Depending on the size of the stone and how irregular they are a mixed grade gravel/peebles would have been included in the mix of traditional stone walling.
How long your wall will last for depends on how you lay the stones, hopefully so that the water is cast off the wall and not inwards. Also consider a dry stone capping. Good Luck.


Answered 9th Jun 2012

Why not just dry stone wall it?


Answered 21st Jun 2012

hi dry stone walls are made up with a ruble infill and trough stones tying in both sids you can add a morter mix to stop the stones rocking keeping tight joints add morter to the infill to make it a more solid wall morter mix 1 cement 3 yellow 1 sharp hope this will help


Answered 12th Jul 2012

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