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I have put underlay and carpet on top of lino and have been told that because I have done that my neighbour downstairs can hear everything much louder now than it was before I did that is this true and what could I do to reduce the noise on a low budget as just paid out to put carpet down

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Putting underlay and carpet on top of vinyl would muffle sound far more than vinyl alone.
There is no way it can sound louder for your neighbour's below you.


Answered 3rd Nov 2020

There’s no way possible that it could be louder as you now have a thicker and more sound absorbent floor covering that you originally had in the first place .


Answered 14th Nov 2020

That's not possible, unless you've left out some vital relevant information. Carpet absorbs and muffles sound.


Answered 3rd Nov 2020

He is right to a degree
But the under lay might be cheap or the carpet might not be as thick
This will cause this
In pubs we put felt down. It helps muffle sound
In. My opinion the carpet and underlay are not as thick


Answered 18th Nov 2020

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