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Have my windows been mismeasured?

Just had replacement windows fitted by local company and all but 1 of them have an extra strip at the top which comprises of wood and foam covered with UPVC . is this normal or have the heights been mismeasured? They were all fitted from outside. They also left existing wooden sills underneath.
Edit: sorry i should have said they left the existing sills under new PVC ones...its lifted the height so the bottom of the glass is pretty close to the bead inside. trying to work out how to post photos . ..thanks

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Yes they have been mismeasured,this is a common fault with the surveyor the never measure outside just the rights the fitters should have put what's known as a knock on piece made of PVC on the window instead of wood..basically the window company has used the cheaper option but still charged full whack...but I'd get them out again to fit the windows with new PVC sills ..again cheaper option used ...


Answered 4th Nov 2020

Doesn’t sound very.good
Old cills could of been replaced and if the heads needed to be raised should of used addons with out seeing it very difficult to say 100% but in my experience I would say it sounds like someone has slipped up


Answered 4th Nov 2020

It sounds like miss measured could you post pictures ?


Answered 4th Nov 2020

If it looks neat and tidy and they have been well fitted I wouldn't worry too much about this. They probably were measured short but It wont affect the performance of the window. Check the quote because they may have priced to cap the cills rather than fully replace them. If it looks rough get them back.


Answered 28th Nov 2020

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