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How costly & difficult is it to replace rotted wooden window frames?

My flat has single glazed windows with wooden frames. At the front they are very rotten (wet rot), especially at the bottom part of the frames. The paint is flaking off and the wood is soft. The front window is a three part bay window (not a sash) and the four back windows are non bay, and in slightly better condition.

I don't want to get PVC windows as it's a c1920 flat but am not sure how difficult it would be to get the wood repaired or replaced. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.

EDIT: thanks for your answers everyone. I've posted a job, asking for interest in repairing them.

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If they are as rotten as you say, and you dont want upvc windows, then I would suggest getting new windows which will now take double glazed units.
If you cant get them from stock, then you will need a carpenter/joiner to come out, measure every thing up and get them made to measure.
You will be forever filling, and replacing bits of wood with the existing, once you have them fitted, make sure all the prep work and painting/staining is done to a good standard, and they will last well.
You will find a tradesmen from this site to do all of above.


Answered 13th Apr 2011

In the years I spent with Marylebone housing association, I often worked on Casement windows, the bottom rails were susceptible to rot while the styles were generally in good condition. As the association was determined to save funds we often had to repair the windows by cutting out the rotten part of the casement and replacing with new sound timber, some were tricky but for the most part it was run of the mill business for us. Sometimes the size of available materials will not match the existing and therefore you would have to mill your own piece or alter an available piece.
It wouldn’t be difficult to mill all the pieces necessary to carry out a rebuild but may take time as the miller may have larger jobs ahead of your own.
Price wise, I estimate that a repair of a bottom rail would cost you in the region of £100 - £140 and to replace the whole window would be around £250-£350, I hope this helps, Wayne


Answered 13th Apr 2011

there are some companies that do that specific job in repairing windows. but they are expensive. as for replacing them. you can get like for like depending on the extent of the damage. a good joiner should be able to repair the windows for you. by cutting out and replacing . hope this helps



Answered 13th Apr 2011

hi, its a difficult job as it involves splicing into existing windows with new timber,you can allways tell they have been done no matter how good the workmanship is best alternative is to replace with like for like


Answered 13th Apr 2011

Hi, We supply and fit Double Glazed wooden Window for Listed Buildings.
Period properties and new build.
They can be made to any size and cofiguration.
We also manufacture doors to match.

Good Luck with your project


Answered 16th Apr 2011

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