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Plaster onto thermal blocks or dot&dab plasterboards then skim.

Hello and thank you for taking time to read this. I have a new outbuilding with cavity wall. Inside blocks are thermal ones.

I need advice on whether to plasterboard then skim or carry out Plaster and skim. I understand for plaster, we need to put a mesh on the 'scratch' coat and skim over.

Having plasterboard will take up undue space if going the route of dot and dab. Does having plasterboard help the place stay warmer?

Drying speed is immaterial as I have lots of other work going on so having a wet plaster solution seems ok to me. In both cases, i need to get a plasterer to carry out the work so I thought it would be better to go for wet plaster all together and not use plasterboard at all? (except for the ceiling).

Thank you for your advice and comments in advance.

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To be honest I think dot and dab would be the way forward for you, bonding out or sand and rendering prior to plastering is something you really need experience in to get a nice flat level surface. Dot and dab is more forgiving.



Answered 31st Oct 2020

A good plasterer will advise you on the best solution for your work that needs doing.
There is advantages and disadvantages in both methods and the cost wouldn’t be much different in either methods.

So either use my builder to post your job or google local plasterer.
Hope you get your work done.


Answered 7th Dec 2020

Any, stick plasterboard on it or hard wall and multifinish. It is gavity wall you can do any of them.


Answered 7th Dec 2020

If the customer wants hard plaster that's what should have he just needs to employ the right plasterer for the job after all the customer is always right


Answered 3rd Nov 2020

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