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Heating a conservatory


We're having a 3mx3m conservatory fitted soon and are wondering about the best way to heat it, ie:
1) a plumbed rad from the house
2) an electric rad
3) underfloor heating (which type)

The spec of the conservatory is as follows:
•Build cavity wall up to DPC.
•Lay concrete slab over compacted hardcore, incorporating damp proof membrane.
•One side is going to be full height, the remaining two sides will be dwarf walls. Thermalite block on inside, walls to be plastered and cavity wall insulation added.

o 3550mm wide x 3000mm projection.
o 70mm thick colourfast WHS Halo white UPVC profile.
o 28mm thick low heat emission double glazed units.
o Ultraframe Structural Aluminium Roof System.
o Pilkington’s Activ™ Solar Control Self Cleaning glass roof units.


Hi - many thanks for the feedback. I think the elec rad is the cheaper option. We were quoted £800 to supply and fit the underfloor heating. In terms of elec rads, what sort of output would be required and are there any recommendations? Again, many thanks for the advise, it's very much appreciated.

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hi for the size of conservatory an electric heater would be fine. wet underfloor heating is also a good option as it gives you a nice ambiant heat as it runs with its own thermstat and independant of the rest of the heating system. if you are tiling the floor then electric under tile heating is also a good option. a radiator is ok but the heat is lost very quickly and it only runs if the heating on. have a chat with your tradesmen on site or get some quotes off local plumbers and electritions
hope this helps adrian


Answered 13th Apr 2011

electrorad radiator will be your best option they have a range designed for conservatories,regards Terry.


Answered 13th Apr 2011

for the size of your consevartory electric underfloor mat with thermostat is ideal or small heater.You should also use insulation under the concrete slab as well as the walls


Answered 13th Apr 2011

go for Under Floor Heating .
Insulated slab under
small bore pipping as long as it's fitted with a screen filter. As it's at it's lowest point in the house you will get a build up of sludge.You get that with a wet system in any case.
But is much cheaper to run in tandem with existing Heating system .
1 zone. control easy to fit has it's own pump.

Good luck


Answered 21st Jan 2015

air conditioning unit. fit these all the time and you get the benefit of cooling in summer and heating in winter


Answered 2nd May 2011

I would go for wet underfloor heating spaced at 100mm c with a 600x1200k2 to aid warm up. The UFH would ideally be run on a setback programmer. I would also recommend roof blinds to aid heat loss. For our UFH setup's, we lay substrate, sand, dpc, 60mm concrete, 100mm min kingspan (may be upgraded upon request) pipework then 60mm screed. The screed aides warmup time. You can however just lay kingspan then 100mm concrete if you would like to save money.

Kind Regards



Answered 31st May 2011

If you put in a permanent plumbed up heated system connected to the house you'll need building regs.
You need to consider an independant system. The heat loss in a conservatory is huge. That's why a conservatory is classed differently to an extension, you just could not acheive the insulation levels. (U values)
Speak to your Building Control Officer first, it can't do any harm.


Answered 13th Apr 2011

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