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Draught from behind kitchen units and leaky dishwasher

Sorry, but I'm not sure which trade to ask this question under. Since I had a kitchen installed several years ago there is sometimes a cold draught coming from behind the units, really noticeable in winter. Old tumbledryer vents have been bricked up since but it's still draughty. I now need to replace my slimline integrated dishwasher and would ideally like to sort out the draught problem at the same time (old dryer vent is behind the dishwasher), and perhaps insulate under kitchen units while the plinth is off. Not sure what one trade would undertake this type of job?

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If it's a cavity wall which I assume it will be, the outside my have been "bricked up" but not the inner wall, air flows through the cavity by design and this is probably all it is, i would just put a vent cover over it to reduce the air flow but allow the areas behind cupboards etc to remain well aerated and stay mildew free.


Answered 24th Oct 2020

Hi it sounds like the waste pipe going outside hasn't been filled, suggest silicone if hole is small or mortar.


Answered 24th Oct 2020

The trade you need is a kitchen installer to hang the integrated door, level and fit your new dishwasher. While the dishwasher is out have the internal ducting hole filled up and plastered over. You don't need a plasterer for this job as the wall just has to sound and tidy, not to decorating standard.


Answered 29th Oct 2020

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