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Questionour double glazed windows have condensation inside. do we need to replace them or just have them resealed? Rough price per window would be great!

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Hi ,
I would need to come and measure up your windows for an accurate price.

Algy Construction Services Ltd 12th Apr, 2011

you could get a window doctor to them ,but they are cheap enough to replace just make sure you get the correct cavity size ie 4 mm glass x 20 mm cavity x 4 mm glass = 28 mm thickness the cavity size can alter depending on age of the windows hope this helps,as to cost this changes from region to region and size of units required

evergreen joinery services 12th Apr, 2011

you could just replace the double glazed units if the rest of the window is ok which would cost you lot less and a lot less mess
hope that helps you
Derek McDonald
D M Joinery

D.M Joinery service 12th Apr, 2011

yes you will have to change the failed units but changing just the sealed glazing units should suffice regards Terry.

tm property services 12th Apr, 2011


the glass units will need to be replaced, the price of the windows depends on the size and thickness of them.


jmc_joinery 12th Apr, 2011

If your units have broken down ie, misted inside then you only need to replace the glass unit.
You will need a window fitter to come out, remove beads to measure width x height plus the thickness.
It may be a good idea to look through the question list, as this is a repeated question, and has been answered before.


Hi im Tony of TG Builders ,yes you will need to replace the units its not worth trying to reseal them,i would need to know the size of the unit and the thickness and wether they are toughend ,regards Tony.

T G Builders 12th Apr, 2011

Yes you will need to replace the unit that has broken

S M Branton LTD 12th Apr, 2011

new glass units required just shows the units have broken down unable to quote without size of units

Dartnote Ltd 12th Apr, 2011


You would need to replace them it would cost more to have them re-sealed than have new ones.

NPS Property Services

NPS Property services 16th May, 2011

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