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QuestionWhich hinges door I use for a heavy door?

I`ve bought a doors from Wickes which are heavy, 38.5kg I think. They are 35mm thick and I`m trying to hang on a new oak door liners. Which hinges do I need and how many?

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hi, one and a half pairs (3) 75mm butt hinges are required. a good quality ball bearing hinge is best but a bit more expesive than the cheap loose pin ones, if this is a fire door make sure the hinge are fire rated and you will need to purchase fire packers to go behind the hinge.
you will struggle to fit 100mm hinges as the door is to thin, they aare designed for a 44mm door. Hope this helps.

arrowsmiths building services 17th Feb, 2011

Hi agree with 3 No 75mm ball bearing/ or washered butt hinges which are cheaper. Dont buy thin gage loose pin hinges because the have a habit of bending/binding under the weight and the top of the door will drop after a while when shut. You should use stainless steel screws in your hinges for the oak linings and doors if they're Oak. The acid in Oak usually eats other screws (even coated ones) quite quickly and they snap under the weight after a few years.

Rebel Carpenter 18th Feb, 2011

i would recomend only using good quality thicker guage hinges with washers built in due to the weight that they have to carry ,and recomend 3 number 3in hinges

Finebuild Builders 19th Feb, 2011

You ll need a 100mm hinge and 3 x hinges per door.

brick2houseconstruction 17th Feb, 2011

hello 3 hinges per door pre drills and buy a good quality hinge ie: brand name from screw fix thanks mick

Complete Kitchen, Bathroom and Window Company 17th Feb, 2011

I agree with most posts on this one. Three 3" bearing hinges, but I would put the middle hinge about 6" below the top hinge and not equal distance between top and bottom. This helps to take some of the wear on the top hinge.

J M Moffat(Interiors) Carpentry Services 21st Feb, 2011

you need to use 4 inch eclips ballbaring hinges ,3 of them and space them 7" from top 9" from bottom & third hinge in middle of other 2 hinges

diamond building and maintenance 19th Feb, 2011

100mm x 3mm butt hinges x 3

page timber roofing and carpentry 8th Mar, 2011

I would use 3 75mm ball race hinges. Regards Mark

Mark Pratten Carpentry & Joinery 17th Feb, 2011

Go whith arrowsmith 100% clued up

Winstanley Joinery & Construction 19th Feb, 2011

Make sure you buy very good quality 4" butts with bearings inside this will make the door open and close like its gliding and wont sag or drop in a year or two which then causes binding. Hope this helps.

D&N Carpentry and Property Services 22nd Feb, 2011



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