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Gas pipe under floor

When checking the pipe work under my flooring in the kitchen, as i am moving my sink and replacing work tops, i noticed the gas pipe to my cooker was covered in verdigris.
Can i cut out a section and replace with plastic push fit?

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Absolutely not unless you are a gas safe registered tradesman!
No part of your gas supply can be worked on unless you are gas safe or equivalent, but the signs of vert de gris isn't usually cause for concern as it could be condensation from the temperature drop when gas runs through the pipe, you HAVE to get a gas safe tradesman to check this out.
I know this isn't what you want to hear, but if you do a repair and it goes wrong you are looking at a very hefty fine and possibly a prison sentence as this is a criminal offense.
Hope this clarifies things for you, I am not gas safe registered, but know the laws surrounding this area.
Kindest regards


Answered 28th May 2012

push fit fittings seal under pressure as gas is not under hi pressure it will fail to properly seal the push fit which will give you leak . a gas safe engineer is your best port of call. never use push fit on gas!!!!


Answered 29th May 2012

No you cant use plastic pipe or push on fittings anywhere on gas pipework.You also cant use compression fittings on gas pipework unless they are easily accessable.Get your work done by a gas engineer its not worth the risk of something going for the sake of saving a few pounds.

Regards John


Answered 28th May 2012

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