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I am leaving the Armed Forces in October and I found a college that's going to offer me 3 trades to do. They are Plastering, Tiling, Painting & Decorating, Bricklaying, Block Paving and Plumbing! I know I want to do plastering but what could I do for my other 2 any ideas? Thanks Joe

Just want to thank you all for the comments! I just wanted to add that I damaged my hearing so I been moved from a Rifle Company to Motor Transport and being in Northern Ireland has made me want to leave I been in 6years and want some thing new am hard working and get frustrated if not doing something and if I don't get a job in a trade I have Cat C+E licence to fall back on. I have booked my course any ways I am doing Plastering, Plumbing, Tiling and Painting as well as a Self Employment course. Thanks for or the input and if in Notts Area and looking to take some one on keep me in mind lol :)

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Plastering is a very therapeutic and satisfying trade, and everyone loves a plasterer as they walk back into the site to see a beautifully finished project, but bear in mind, you will at some point suffer with back pain if you don't follow proper safety measures, which should be taught by the college.

Tiling seems to go hand in hand with plastering as it is another finished item at the end of a build, so you get the same thanks from the client when done.

However, if you can get gas registered you have just printed a license to print money the way the regs are going nowadays.

either way, as I have, forget about the financial rewards , do what you enjoy, as this will show in the work you do, and you will want to get up on a morning knowing that you are making someone else's life that little bit better by doing the best job anyone can do.

My experience taught me that the building industry is a vocation and with so many different trades, it is a fantastic trade to be in when you find your preferred specialty.

Hope this helps



Answered 28th May 2012

If I were you I'd seriously consider what you think you'd like to be doing after leaving the army.

Building is something that takes a lifetime to learn and most people leaving college with a trade would not make the grade on real work without the help and guidance from a pro.

I'd stick with the army for as long as possible if I was you - you've got a good job already and you're guaranteed to get paid - just keep you head down when Mr Talibans about

Good luck whatever you may do


Answered 29th May 2012

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