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Concrete lintel

I am building an outdoor fireplace/oven out of brick. I have a 65 x 100 x 2100 concrete lintel spanning a 1700 opening between brick pillars. How many course of bricks would I be able to lay on the lintel

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Bearing in mind the lintel you are using should be reinforced by a central steel rod, and you are 50mm either end over what the building inspector would require for a new build, I can't imagine you are going to be able to build anywhere near the number of course that the lintel would carry in an outside oven/BBQ, unless you are using the oven as the base of a multi story building.

They don't look much strength wise, but they will carry an awful lot of weight due to the re-enforcement, if you are still worried you would need to employ a structural engineer with the relevant professional indemnity insurance, but seems very extreem for your project.

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Answered 28th May 2012

Sound about right Nick. Andy probably has a prestressed lintel and would carry at least 16 courses of Brickwork (1200mm) without too much deflection in the lintel. Of course it is only one skin wide so you would not build more than 600 without supporting the single skin brickwork. Where did you get the lintel from surely they can give you the manufacturers name and contact details who could answer your question accurately. If a builder`s merchant then he will have the manufacturers technical sheet.


Answered 9th Jun 2012

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