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Is there an organisation dealing with best practice for fitting fascias and soffits? I have an issue with a company and am not sure where to start other than trading standards.

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As far as I’m aware there isn’t one but if you are having issues because of a contractors work I would recommend either getting the to solve the issue if they insist they have done nothing to cause your issues then make them aware that unless the problem is resolved you will be going to trading standards to report the issue because you believe them to be at fault

I know this info is not much to go by but hope it helps resolve your issue or at least guide you in the correct direction to deal with the contractor in question


Answered 21st Oct 2020

First of all exsplain the fault which is the issue get a second opinion of a specialist who will advise u the correct installation of soffits and facias on new builds and replacing on an exsisting roof. With the information provided you can then discuss it with the contractor


Answered 8th Nov 2020

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