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Electric shower runs hot then cold


My shower has recently started running hot and then cold. My husband normally has a shower first & he is fine! But then when I go for a shower after 5 mins the water goes cold. I then have to either turn it off & wait 5 mins or turn the temp up but then it gets too hot!! I hear a "click" noise just before it goes cold so I know when it's going to happen.

I only had the electric shower fitted a couple if years ago & when I contacted the original electrician he told me to contact the manufacturer of the shower! (Triton) I haven't done this as I don't think there's a fault with the shower unit itself. What can I do? Should I get a plumber/electrician to take a look? Or is it something we can fix? (Although we are both clueless with these sort of things!)

Thanks for your help (in advance)

Thanks for your answer Nick! Funny thing is that with this hot weather we have turned the temperature down & now it's not going cold...so could it still be the same thing?

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you need to check your water pressure at the shower inlet,you normally need about 1.5 bar static and 1.0 bar running pressure,sounds like the clicking noise your hearing is the low pressure switch

hope this helps
clark maintenance

Answered 28th Oct 2012

Clark maintenance

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Hi, I also have a Triton shower, which the last unit did a similar thing, ours is a t300si which means the heat pack is in the loft, so we didn't hear the "click" that you do, but the most likely cause for the problem is the heat can is grounding to earth(the same as an oven element packing up), you can go on line to get the replacement parts but expect to pay about £80-90 for a replacement heat can depending on your model.

There are other components in the shower that can cause this problem, and would need a professional to diagnose, unfortunately as these things are only made to last a few years I am afraid it may be a better choice to replace the shower with a new unit, the disposable society has affected all aspects of life nowadays.

Hope this helps

Answered 28th May 2012


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