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Adt alarm system removal

I have an ADT alarm system that I inherited, I am looking to remove it.
It consists of 3 sensors in different rooms, an external alarm box, the console is plugged into an upstairs socket, when I turn off the socket the alarm constantly beeps, any help would be appreciated.

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Yes your main panel and outdoor sounder will both have back up batteries you will need to remove these to stop the sound going off. I hope this helps.

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Answered 20th Oct 2020

You’re going to need to take the batteries out of everything. Normally there is one in the outside sounder, one in the control unit and one in the main panel.
It will make a lot of noise while you’re doing it.


Answered 19th Oct 2020

After you turn off the mains you need to disconnect the battery terminals in the main panel,in the internal siren and in the external siren
If you cant reach the external siren because is too high and can afford the noise going off for a while, you can leave it going as noise will fade out s the battery gets low and die completely


Answered 23rd Oct 2020

this is normal.
however due to high voltage in external alarm boxes i would not recommend tackling it yourself.
get a professional security systems engineer in to do it for you.


Answered 27th Oct 2020

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