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Ring doorbell 3 - hardwired to a 50-150w/va


I have a ring doorbell 3 that I want to hardwire and the previous owner I know had one installed.

Outside there is a transformer Halolite HA-5150 which is a 50-150W/VA (looks similar to this but this is the HA-150).

Can I just wire my doorbell into this transformer, or is it too high?


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You want something like this. can be fitted in your consumer unit or placed in a seperate enclosure. Just ask at your electrical supply shop for a bell transformer. Stick a plug on it and bell wire to your RING. hey presto.


Answered 19th Oct 2020

From looking at the ring 3 installation instructions, it would appear they are meant to be wired from an 8-24VAC doorbell system.


Answered 17th Oct 2020

You need a 24 volt transformer as the ring works on this voltage - you need to mount the transformer in a Metal enclosure on a DIN Rail as you need to connect 230/240 volts to the primary side of the transformer to be safe & no mains connections exposed


Answered 1st Nov 2020

Most of the Ring bells coming with their transformers but if the existing transformer is damaged or lost the best way is to read the bell instructions if you have, if not you mast consult with one electrician because not all the ring bells have the same transformer power supply


Answered 12th Nov 2020

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