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Fencing and japanese weed

Problem sorted out. Thank you.

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I symphasise with your Japanese knot weed problem, it sounds as though you know how big a problem this is.
Firstly, it is classed as classified controlled waste, have you tried standard herbicide treatment, which I susspect had little effect.
Most guide lines suggest, a program of eradication which could take up to 3yrs.
Some companys operate a dig and dump strategy, which is called The Fast System, maybe about 2/3 months.
As you are aware under the wildlife & countryside act, it is an offence to let it spread.
It also reduces the value of your land.
Which ever way you choose, it can be dealt with, as for a professional on this site, there may be one, best to post your job, if there is someone here they will reply to your post and advise accordinally, as for a price I wouldnt hazzard a guess.


Answered 12th Apr 2011

best to follow BJD's advice. be aware that if you dig it up what you have is classed as contaminated waste and must be treated as such. contact your local council, they will have had this problem themselves and should be able to help as to who to use and how to get rid of it. good luck. According to Alan Titchmarsh the best way to get rid of knot weed is to move! however there are new methods of eradication where weed-killer is actually poured down the stems after the membranes in the stalks are broken.


Answered 13th Apr 2011

Hi, i had this problem and the only way is dig dig dig it out every last bit best wishes rigsby.


Answered 12th Apr 2011

Dig it out, it takes ages as you have to get every bit, or your back to square 1. Place it in black bags without holes and leave it, it will die eventually.


Answered 12th Apr 2011

we have undertaken this it can be killed with a herbiced called round up by spraying at emergance and on older plants cut the plant and pour directly into stem but this is a long process and can take 2 seasones the quickest method if avalible to you is to dig out and dispose at a certified tip


Answered 15th Apr 2011

Naypalm it..With Round Up.Get from farm suppliers outlet if in your area.Garden centres will cost a Bomb .Just what you'll need.
As above on new shoots old gathered stuff burn it.
Leave sprayed shoots to die back may take a few weeks to show results .
Keep on spraying through season .eventally it will die.
Leaving one shoot and it will be back...
Grows through anything


Answered 16th Apr 2011

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