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I have pulled up decking. what now?

In a moment of madness (and before I got pregnant) I started pulling up some decking in the garden - I have decided to keep the area which joins the house but what about the rear of the garden where I have pulled up (and burnt!) the boards as there is a step down - How would I fill it or should I pull the whole lot up and have a patio - I'm not attached to the decking, I just need something easy for the kids to play on!
I am a novice so need simple instructions please and ideally a suggestion that will work on a tight budget!

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Remove any remaining timber to the rear of the garden then add topsoil and turf it to the same height of existing garden.


Answered 30th May 2012

If you are working to a tight budget I would suggest a small step be built from the decking you have remaining on to the area where you have removed the decking. Then prepare the area with top soil and re turf. This would be the most suitable surface for children to play on


Answered 3rd Jun 2012

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