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Asbestos in the house

The survey report for the house I am in the process of buying has come back saying the textured coatings in the ceilings of the house are likely to contain asbestos as the house was built in 1970s. So I am looking to get samples taken for an asbestos test and survey done. It is a 3 bed end of terraced house. How long would it take to get a survey done? If it does contain asbestos, how long would it take for a specialist to remove safely? I am a bit nervous as this seems to be an expensive job. I am advise if the areas containing asbestos are left undisturbed, it is okay but I will be modernising the house (no structural changes involved but addition of new electric sockets, new flooring, new bathroom, kitchen update and redecorating/painting of the whole house).

Many thanks in advance.
Thanks AsbPro. What does a survey actually do - is it only visual inspection then rather than samples taken and tested? I thought its all part of the survey?

I think the ceilings are in good condition. So if I just plaster over the artex textured coatings and paint, would this still release asbestos and pose danger? There may be some drillings to fit new lightings on the ceilings as well.

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A survey is basically a visual inspection, if you contact a analytical company they can come and take samples, you can plaster over the artex but skimming will release fibres


Answered 8th Oct 2020

Skimming over the artex does not release anything. What you have got to be thoughtful of though is if you are having electric work done drilling and boring lights then he’s breaking in the covered artex. Asbestos is fine as long as you do not break into it. You can by packs of the internet and send it away to test the asbestos


Answered 11th Oct 2020

I don't agree with the answer given.
You should get an asbestos removal specialist to take a look. Don't cover it up as it may create problems later.
If in doubt don't touch it.


Answered 21st Oct 2020

A survey is a visual and sample testing for asbestos content throughout the property.
A report is made up and any areas found with asbestos marked and shown on the survey document which you will youse for yourself or for any contractors that will be doing works in the property.


Answered 25th Oct 2020

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