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Hi, we are in the process of having a new bathroom fitted. The builder said he would get a bath and we could choose the sink/toilet. The bath is too small and he has agreed to sort another one. We also went to pick the tiles and he said he would sort them for us and has given us a bill, although we haven't seen a receipt.We have already spoken to him as we're not happy with the job, the tiles are all uneven, one side is higher than the other by the door and by the bath there is a whole 2 rows that just stick out. He didn't use the plastic tile spacers hence the gaps being quite extraordinary! He has blamed this on the uneven walls, although the tiles fitted on the floor are as bad. he fitted a new wall panelling / plaster against the bath wall so surely this wall should be straight. The next problem is with the new taps, when you turn it off it runs for sometime after, he said this is due to water being in the spout of the tap, however, our old taps would shut off when we turned them off. Also, we've had a new heated towel rail fitted and I've noticed that it looks as though he has plastered over the piping on the floor, it looks as real mess. I'm not sure where we stand, we've spoken to him already and he's always blaming another factor and not the fact that it's his poor workmanship. I'm in tears over it, I've waited 10 years for a new bathroom and it's just turning out to be a nightmare. The whole room needs to be started again!

Thanks for all your responses, forgot to mention. We didn't go with the cheapest quote, the guy has been a builder for 40 years, we were shown pictures of work he had previously carried out - he had also previously helped us out by fitting a sink when ours broke. Also, I did a credit check on the company to make sure he wasn't going to run off with the money. Lastly, he lives 3 streets away from us. I'm not sure what more we could have done.

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Sorry but you get what you pay for. I'm sick of people asking me to come out and look at job's that I have priced for that's been given to someone cheaper. No such thing as a fully qualified joiner/tiler/plumber/plasterer/brickie. They are just handymen. Okay if it's on your own, house but not for paying customers.

Answered 25th May 2012

S M Joinery

Member since 16 Nov 2009

The problem seems to be that you hired a builder to do a bathroom, and not a bathroom installer, i have seen loads of builders bathrooms and i'm afraid they are all terrible. Sounds too like you have paid him up front, I never take a penny from a customer until the job is finished and they are satisfied, also the pictures he's shown you maybe from a job he was involved with but I bet he got a good tiler in to finish off. Obviously don't pay him another penny and ask a good bathroom installer to give you a list of all the problems, you could then visit citizens advice with this list and they will tell you where to go from there
All the best

Answered 16th Jun 2012

DB Bathrooms

Member since 23 Feb 2012

Another one for rogue traders then.Is this numpty a builder,plumber,tiler all rolled into one? Sounds like you went for the cheapest quote and this type of thing is the outcome.I would bin him right now and hold on to any outstanding money and get a quote from someone else to see what can be done.Unfortunately this is going to cost more than getting a pro from the outset.Oh and if the muppet is on here don't forget the feedback.

Answered 22nd May 2012

Roc builders

Member since 25 Aug 2011

Hi, unfortunately it sounds like you have a proper cowboy there. If the walls are uneven this should have been made clear to you at the start and a cost for rectification could have been agreed. Make a list of the points you are not happy with and refuse full payment until all of your issues are addressed. Someone who gives a damn about their work would never leave you in this position. It does sound like however you will need to start again. Post the job on here and choose someone with good feedback. I hate cowboys they make life difficult for us all.

Answered 22nd May 2012

Park Plumbing & Tiling

Member since 16 Nov 2010

When you employ cowboys at cowboy prices this is what you get! you say you have waited so long for a new bathroom yet this idiot has wrecked it!
you need to have,references,photos of their work,everything in writing!
Employ a professional on here like us and get it sorted!
you can take a civil action and get an independent report done on the work to try and get the money back off him!
1. do you know where he lives?
2. how much have you paid him?
3. can you prove it? receipts?
4. is he a trade professional? i doubt it!

post the job, we can help you and advise

Answered 22nd May 2012

kelly plumbing Heating & gas

Member since 4 Jan 2012

This story is all too frequent as many clients like yourself go for the cheaper quote. Unfortunately there are no bargains in building just village idiots like this one who will quote cheap to get a wage and so what about the outcome and mayhem? If you have waited all this time why go for the cheapest most incompetent fool, alarm bells should have rung with the excuses before the tiling. Problem you have now is getting someone competent to take it on after this fool. Professionals quote honestly for a proper high quality job, if you decide to forget all the advice and go for the cheaper option this is the outcome,it will now cost double. Pay cheap pay twice,lesson learnt, i hope. Good luck.

Answered 23rd May 2012


Member since 7 Jun 2008

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