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Waste pipe smell

We have an internal waste pipe and while renovating our kitchen I removed some plaster to expose this pipe but the smell is foul. Is this normal or should i be worried about a blockage? Everything works fine.

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Hi, any open drain without a trap fitted to an appliance will smell as the drain is connected to the main drainage which will always have unpleasant smells. If your fitting a new kitchen or bathroom and waiting for builders to finish other work, place a bung in the drain or tape a plastic bag over the end until the final connection is made, this will stop the smells coming into your property.


Answered 6th Oct 2020

If it’s all flowing as it should be then the smell should be negligible. Might be worth lifting the manhole outside if you have one and hosing down the drains. Quite often a blockage will cause smells to come back up the pipe work.


Answered 6th Oct 2020

unless there is a break or open end in the pipe you should not have any smell,get a qualified plumber to look at it.


Answered 6th Oct 2020

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