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How to replace lockable door handles with normal ones?

I have two internal door handles I want to replace. One is a backplate handle with a thumbturn lock built in. Is it OK just to replace this with a normal rose door handle, no lock?

The other has a rose with a separate thumbturn lock. It has also lost its rose cover. I have managed to remove the lock cylinder, but can't seem to get out the rest of the lockset (right term?) from the edge of the door - I think one of the screws in the face plate (right term?) is bent. I haven't yet tried removing the door handle. Would it be possible just to replace the handle and fill in the cylinder lock hole, that goes through the door from front to back??

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Yes if there is no need to keep the doors closed tightly if im understanding what you've asked


Answered 1st Oct 2020

The question that should have been asked is, is the lock a rim cylinder,mortice or euro if the answer is yes then yes you can remove and fill the holes


Answered 20th Oct 2020

Without seeing exactly what you have there it is very difficult to provide one exact correct answer. If a photograph could be provided of what you have fitted on the door at the moment then a correct and informed answer can be given. Thanks.


Answered 16th Oct 2020

If you buy handle that covers the eurocylinder hole there's no need to fill it.


Answered 21st Oct 2020

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