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I had a hardwood floor professionally fitted about 15 years ago. The room is rarely used, I've simply given it a good clean and wipe with white spirit and re varnished, each time it comes up like new. It's been a while since I've varnished and there are some slight surface scratches. How should I best proceed I have no desire to hire an industrial sander and re-sand the whole floor.

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I'm affraid that your suggestion of sand blasting the floor is probably the only option available, aside from replacing the floor! If you decide to go for the latter, then there is a solid wood floor with a high gloss/ varnished surface available, same as the 1 I had laid in the hallway for a previous customers home, Photo available.


Answered 17th Feb 2011

What I've done in the past is basically 'refresh' the floor. We had a customer with a similar sort of problem but their floor was in quite a bad way. Due to being on a budget the customer didnt want the floor to be resanded, instead they opted for a freshen up. All we did was 'key' the floor with a small belt sander with 60 grit paper (80 if the floor is in good condition) which gets any surface scratches out of the varnish and dirt out of the grain (if any) without sanding too deep into the wood. Once the floor was 'keyed' we finished the floor with 3 coats of varnish. The floor looked great, customer was happy and this was all done within a day with very little disruption. Its a good way to refresh your floor if its still in a good condition without the hassle of carrying out a full sand & seal. Also, try not to use white spirit too regularly as it can break down the varnish after a while. I use methylated spirits to remove stubborn stains. It sounds strange but baby wipes are fantastic! With respect to the other comments submitted by the other tradesmen, the only thing you may find with patching in the varnish is the difference once its dry. The factory finishing process is completely different to applying the varnish your self so you may find that this area may stand out.

Hope this helps!!


Answered 18th Feb 2011

you may find that over the yrs the varnish on the flooring has built up some thickness and might be the case that you have just scratched the varnish and not gone in to the timber ,try rubbing the scratched area with 600 grit paper or 400 grade sand paper or orefablly wet and dry paper just lightlly in circle motions to see if there is any diff if ok wipe area clean from dust and lightlly spray a bit of varnish bought from wicks just to get a shine back otherwise you will have to resand the floor and revarnish whole floor i no change and you have


Answered 18th Feb 2011

Assuming that these scratches are shallow and superficial, try to sand the areas (Test this on a small discrete area first!!) that are scratched with an 800 grid wet and dry paper. Working in a circular motion, wet the paper and lightly move the paper around in small swirls over the scratch. Continue this for a few minutes and then wipe the sanding residues off with a clean cloth. Inspect; if the scratch is still there and looks like it is down to the wood, then it will need more varnish to build it back up. I the scratch has gone you may see that the area is now dulled, to solve this, repeat the process using a 1000/1200 grit to effectively polish out this dull spot.


Answered 18th Feb 2011

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