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Air pressure switch needs replacing?

I have a Vitopend 100 boiler and have a fault code 06 showing. I have checked the flue and the fan and there are no blockages/fan is operating fine. I know from the manufacturer that it is an air pressure problem and so the only thing left is the air pressure switch. I know this is a simple enough job to replace but is there anything else I should check before I do so?

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Hi, there is a small tube inside the flue called the VENTURI, which might possibly be blocked, it is impossible to check unless you disasemble the flue and take it apart which is also ill advised and unlawful if you are not a licensed and registered gas safe engineer, also i see you stated that you already have checked the fan, even though it seems to be working fine it could still be faulty i.e running slow or not at the speed it should be operating. If you would like me to come out and have a look, i dont charge a call out fee and would be happy to work around your time schedule if neccessary.
Have a look at my profile. I am new to this website so i dont have much references so i am eager to provide an excellant cost effective service for potential new customers to see so as to build up a great profile and clientelle.

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Answered 18th May 2012


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Check the Venturi in the fan it's where the two hoses fit
Check it's not restricted
Regards Jeff at heatseekers

Answered 19th May 2012


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