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Been given a conservatory

hi I already posted on here about a second hand conservatory, but things have changed and I am being given one because the owners are building an extension and don't want it. it seems in really good condition, how hard would it be to take down and rebuild? I would need a small dwarf wall and base. it measures 15' x 11' approx. comments greatly appreciated

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Hi a few usefull tips, and format isolate all electrics,remove all glass units,remove all guttering and down spouts,remove all roof sheets,its a good idea to number all glass units and roof sheets to there location.all scews and bolts will all be visable now dismantal all roof spars and ridge ,then remove ring beem. unscrew all windows,you will be able to leave corner posts attached to one side of the frame. There maybe screws or fixings going through the frame and cill into the brickwork. Install in reverse order,and re-seal. Measure all orriginal brickwok and build the same,hope this is usefull brian


Answered 29th May 2012

It's not hard to take 1 down. First take gutter off then undo end caps of the roof bars, then you will see how the roof bars clamp the roof panels in place take out panes undo roof. Then take all the windows out of the frame buy removing beads then undo screws in side of frame and it will come apart. If ur unsure post job on hear to strip and move it to urs.


Answered 19th May 2012

hi a good tip for taking down the conservatory and rebuilding is to bundle all the trims, glass and frames separatly and numbered, start from one side and work around. If unsure or are not used to erecting a conservatory take photos of the at every stage. Also deglaze the framework (take out the glass) first as this will make it easy to work and safer when dismantling.


Answered 10th Jul 2012

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