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Potterton back boiler - locks out

I have a Potterton Housewarmer Legend (and what a legend it is turning into). It ran fine for 2 years after i bought the house - fired up from being off for 6 months no bother. Had it serviced etc - all good. Then i came home one evening and the pump was running but the rads were cold and boiler had locked out (didnt know thats what it was until the eng turned up though!) the red light on the gas fire bit was on. B.gas came out - said it might need new pcb - so it got new pcb. Seemed to fire up ok bit slower than before but worked. A few days later it started with the same problem again, so b.gas came again and got new pcb for the side slider switch/re-set button etc. Worked ok whilst he was in the house...he left. I left the heating on but i had moved out but it was the 2nd cold winter running so wanted some heat in there. Came back to check the house 2 weeks later - heating off, locked out again. It just kept doing it, would work when re-set button pressed though. I ooped to sell house (yes with problem - sorry!), but realised at end of last year that the heating pump wasnt working - so it was not only locking out, but no pump was running. So had the pump replaced. Decided to run the heating on 24 hours - which works fine - no lock out (so can't be over heating surely?). However i now have a tenant in the house who moved in last week - she wants the timer on twice a day not constant - and subsequently the boiler has locked out again - and i know it will lock out unless it is on constant. What is the problem here - the boiler or the timer ? I have read all sorts on the internet from dust getting into it, to thermo couplings etc. Any experts on Pottertons would be great to hear from you! The timer by the way is a b.gas old fashioned dial type with the plastic 'clicky' bits to choose the on/off timings, and 2 sliders to choose 'on' 'once' 'twice' 'constant' etc .. for C/H and H/W. Oh and we moved the slider temp gauge at teh side of the fire down half way after the pump was replaced as had read it might be setting everything too hot and the internal thermostat may be overheating.

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The first thing i would do is make sure that the boiler is serviced to clear any debris or dust, this would also mean checking the flue operation ,because this can also cause" lockout" , it is always annoying when these intermitant problems occur and can only sympathise, but after all my years of repairing boilers even I still get annoyed when it happens with my customers boilers

Answered 24th May 2012

sovereign plumbing and heating

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