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Door lock seems like it’s grinding

Hi,I’ve just had a front door fitted and when you turn the key it grates as it’s turned ,I’ve mentioned this to the company and told them that my other door locks don’t do this .They have said it’s a different mechanism to other doors but as far as the mechanism goes it looks the same locking system but as far as I knew the key just turns the barrel lock locking the mechanism in position,in my opinion it is the barrel lock which is not accurate rather than anything to do with the mechanism it’s like the key itself is making the noise as if it’s not accurate the friction noise is felt by the key ,it’s not difficult to turn a slight resistance ,am I correct expecting the key to turn smoothly or is this classed as acceptable please ?what would cause a key seeming gritty when turning it please and do I have grounds to as for the barrel to be changed thanks in advance Kind regards Pete

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Hard to say without seeing the specific door, however I would be inclined to say it’s an alignment issue with the lock. No new lock should Make “grinding noises”. As others have mentioned it’s also possible that the screw that retains the cylinder is slightly too tight which would cause this. It’s possible that by
Merely loosening the screw ever so slightly that it will work correctly. Thanks


Answered 16th Sep 2020

Hi Pete

It’s either the barrel that’s been tightened slightly to far in or out so the cam on the barrel is rubbing inside the lock gearbox, or the multi point lock has a fault most likely the gearbox.

Either way, if it’s new it shouldn’t happen and you have every right to have it fixed.



Answered 16th Sep 2020

It could be the wrong size cylinder or incorrectly fitted handles placing strain on the euro cylinder. However I think its more than likely that the cylinder retaining screw isn't fitted correctly. Try unscrewing this and gently turn lock first


Answered 16th Sep 2020

A freshly installed correctly aligned door should be smooth in all its actions .
Some customers do notice a slightly difference in turning the key on a dimple style lock .
However if you are unhappy with it would get the company back out to look at it as you clearly are not happy with the product you have purchased


Answered 19th Sep 2020

Easiest check is to operate the lock when the door is open, if it works smoothly then it’s definitely an alignment issue & should be taken up with the installers


Answered 3rd Nov 2020

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