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Repairing mock tudor panelling / rendering

We have a mock tudor frontage where the existing white weatherproof painting has peeled off and the panels which may be platerboard or somes sort of render based solution has started to crumble. What would the best solution for a repair / replacement?.

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With this i would advice to remove complete damaged panels replace any rotten timber wether its on show or not then replace plasterboard (or damaged probuct) with a water resistant concrete fibre board which would then be rendered over with appropriate render mix for the area and house ie lime mortar- sharp sand mix


Answered 15th Sep 2020

There's a few options. First remove all existing timber frame work.
Battern out and membrane then weatherboarding of your choice (colour and texture etc) or keep it the same and put upvc over the render and then use upvc as the mock tudor wood etc. Have done lots and the results are great.
A good company will be able to show you the difference etc. Kind regards Tristan


Answered 16th Sep 2020

Replace the whole lot


Answered 26th Sep 2020

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