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Convert stand alone garage into garden room


We have a stand alone garage at the bottom of our garden. Approx 4x5m and would like to convert this into a garden room.

Do we need planning permission or building regs?
We want to remove the existing garage door and replace with a French or bi-fold doors, then make good inside, insulation/ plaster etc. Extra info. The only access is via our side gate which we have now removed and put a wall and door. Originally to get any car to the garage you would have to access via the shared drive and then drive through our garden. We do not use the garage for our cars, only general storage, the roof needs replacing and garage door does not work.

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Usually you don't need planning permission as you are not enlarging the existing garage.
You are required building regulations approval.
However this depends on the local authority policies regarding the planning permission approval. You should contact the local planning authority before proceeding


Answered 18th Sep 2020

You will need to apply to planning for a change of use and depending on alterations your doing they might what you to have building regs involved best approach is to request a site visit and explain your proposal and he’ll guide you from there or get in touch with me 😉


Answered 6th Oct 2020

If you're not putting any services in apart from electrics the answer is no! But its worth ringing your local council, you are allowed up to 30sqm without planning or building control


Answered 10th Oct 2020

I agree with much of what's said here. The building will be changing its purpose so building control will need to be consulted to ensure a dwelling is achievable in that area. Physically, once building control has been considered, unless you're increasing the height and area of the space you can go ahead.


Answered 13th Oct 2020

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