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Can you rewire and make good a three bed house in under a week?


We are in the process of purchasing a 1930's three bed, three reception house that will require a rewire. We are intending to do it before we move in, so there will be no furniture (except fitted kitchen etc). As we will need to stay with family and we have a 2 yr old, the quicker we can be in the better.

So my question is, can you rewire a house like this in under a week, with say 4-6 double sockets in every room (some to replace old, some to be new altogether), new downlights in the kitchen (there are some already there but they need to be replaced), extractor fan in bathroom, extractor hood in kitchen. Lighting in all the other rooms are okay, but i assume they would need rewiring to the same location? There is pendant and wall lights in all three receptions. All wiring to be in the walls and made good.

It looks as though the consumer unit was changed but the wiring wasn't.

Also, there is a detached garage on the property that currently has a power cable running to it from the house, can that be made a bit safer by going underground or is the overhanging wire normal?

Is it possible?

Is there anything else we should mention when we get to the stage of posting for quotes?

Thank you

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Elaine yes its entirely possible that the work can be done by a two man team in under a week if the house is fairly empty.

If your planning on having downlighters then you need to be very aware of the fire risks they pose and ensure that you ask for fully building regulation compliant fire rated types! - see the electricity safety council video for more information;



You also need to be aware that the work must be registered with your local building control department under part P of the building regulations and undertaken by a competent electrician who can self certify his/her work under part P;


Best thing to do is to look to hire an NICEIC registered electrician as that way your well covered, see link below for more information on the NICEIC


Answered 15th May 2012

Electrical Safety Services

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Hi, I have rewired a numerous amount of properties of various sizes. In general it takes about two weeks to complete a property. Empty properties are a lot easier to turn around as floors are easier to access and dust contamination on furnishings isn't an issue. I work as one electrician plus one experienced helper. Obviously if you had an electrician that employed a gang of people it is possible to turn a property around much quicker but this might be reflected in the price. With regards to the consumer unit. If you are rewiring a property it is generally good practice to change the consumer unit then you can then say everything has been renued.

With regards to the garage, If you are running a power cable to any outbuilding, you SWA (Steel Wire Armoued) cable be used. If you are placing underground then it needs to be placed in a trench of about 18 inches. If going overhead it should be supported by a tensioned wire (Cantenary).

Hope this helps.

PAR Electrical Services

Answered 15th May 2012

PAR Electrical Services

Member since 3 Nov 2010

yes it possible to rewire and make good in 5 days with an empty property ,the fuse board probably needs upgrading to meet current regulations and the garage supply would be better if it was buried with swa cable

Answered 15th May 2012

mike harris

Member since 6 Apr 2010

few decent sparks and clear rooms no prob in my view! weeks about right i'd say unless you have an unusually large house. you sparks prob only given an estimate on time! he mite have few probs to overcome etc... Give him a chance!

Answered 15th May 2012

kelly plumbing Heating & gas

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