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Rain on new pointing


I had some rain on new pointing after about 4 or five hours and heavy rain after about 16 hours. I am worried the mortar will have been weakened. It seems to have gone nice and hard. I would be grateful for any advice. Thank you

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I'm sure the mortar will be fine. The biggest issue with rain on fresh pointing is the joints washing out then needing to be redone. If it's gone off and it's hard then it will be fine.


Answered 9th Sep 2020

with my experience it all depends on how the weather was before the rain, you may see that the pointing might go a white colour in places if so you might need them places to be chemical cleaned to remove stains. I hope this was helpful regards


Answered 9th Sep 2020

I’m sure this will be fine a good few hours and the pointing should be set enough to withstand rain definitely after 12 hours it will withstand any heavy rain


Answered 19th Sep 2020

will be fine


Answered 29th Sep 2020

If rain has hit the fresh mortar there is a good chance the salts will come out of the cement and you will have white stains down the wall in the coming weeks its called (leaching) any good mason or bricklayer would have knowledge on this. to prevent this always keep the mortar covered till it cures when rain is forecast.


Answered 29th Sep 2020

if the pointing has not washed out but had a lot of rain on it the pointing will turn white & stand out from the rest so will need repointing


Answered 8th Oct 2020

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