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Should i ask a plumber or a builder?

I would be interested in views on this issue. I have noticed that most plumbers quote charges of £30 to £65 for the first hour reducing to £12.50 to £30 per hour. I have seen builders quote from £100 to £300 per day and presumably the plumber will get less. From what I have heard from friends and neighbours the builder's charge does not appear to relate to the quality of work. How can I get best value on a longer plumbing job?

I obtained two quotes in the end one from a plumber quoting £600 including materials, and another from a builder who said £350 plus £50 materials for a day and possible a bit more work. I accepted the builder's quote. The builder was there at the start and dropped off the plumber saying he would come that afternoon with further materials as he was on another job too. In the end the plumber was here for three part days and completed the work properly. It was stop start with lack of materials and I was charged an additional £130 for materials plus an additional £200 for labour. The builder said he would stand the rest of the loss himself. The plumber said that he only received £80 per day after the builder deducted tax at source. I paid up worried that the plumber who obvioulsy knew what he doing might not get paid.

Everyone has said I handled this wrongly. What should I have done when it is so hard to get a number of quotes?

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Dont really see what the problem is.If its a plumbing job,then get quotes from a couple of reputable plumbers.If your having a job done by a builder (ie extension) and feel that you are paying too much for the builders plumber,then you can still source your own if you want too.If your looking for quality then you should leave anyone quoting £12.50 an hour or £100 a day by the wayside.This is the going rate for unskilled labour.


Answered 14th May 2012

GET A QUALIFIED PLUMBER IN TO DO ALL PLUMBING AND GAS, AND GET A BUILDER IN TO DO BUILDING WORK! SIMPLE'S! all builders can't be trusted to do plumbing or gas! they are a menace! All decent plumbers carry qualifications and such for gas etc! builders give you a price then tender it out pocketing the profit for doing nothing!! beware.
A decent builder will be 150-160 a day, same as a good plumber! this is about the playing field. Gas fitting plumbers are 150-200 for heating/boiler/gas & plumbing.
Small jobs for builders should be 60 odd for 1-3 hours up to the rates above!

If you follow this i think all trades that read this will agree with these figures and you shouldn't go far wrong!
Remember all people on here are qualified,and you must read feedback as it don't lie!
post you job if you need to



Answered 14th May 2012

Hi, put job on my builder, then you can read feed back and get a few prices, dont go on hourly as this can build up and get a bit much good plumber or builder will give you price for job then you know what you got to pay, good luck colin.


Answered 14th May 2012

You wanted plumbing works carried out, and therefore you should contact plumbers. A builder is not a plumber. A GP is not a Dentist. Plumbing is not a case of only making sure that the unit does not leak, or that if water comes out of a tap, no matter how slow, then that is all that is required. Planning is required. Plumbing is a learnt skill.


Answered 22nd Jul 2012

there are no bargains in any type of building work just cheap cray/shoddy workmanship or good quality reasonably priced or high end top spec obviously more expensive thats it in black and white so if you try and bang someones prices down to get a so called bargain beware as the quality or standard of service will not be there


Answered 14th May 2012

I would recommend in the future if you require a plumber it's best to source a reliable trust worthy plumber directly rather than using a builder, as the builder may add an additional cost to the job as well as paying a plumber to do it for him.

When a plumber is found that you like It's important to ask for reviews and pictures of previous work before accepting their quote for work and ask how they would approach the job, also ask if the quote given is final price with no hidden costs.

Sometimes if you get let's say more than 5 quotes for a job and one of them is considerably lower then please be mindful that sometimes the cheapest is not always the best option.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards
Chris Trattou
Chris Plumbing Services


Answered 8th Sep 2017

As a plumber - I would have recommended getting a plumber in. We are trained in what we do and have all the knowledge/experience needed. You should always try to stick to using people already in the profession. You find a lot of ‘do it all builders’ that specialise unfortunately in nothing.


Answered 5th Aug 2022

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