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Adjusting door where i can’t get to allen key

I’m looking to adjust my door as it won’t lock and has clearly dropped at the top, however it’s on a park home and there is no way of getting to the Allen key hole in the back of the hinges because they are tight against the wall any ideas ??

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The hinges don’t always cure a dropped door it sounds like the door needs toe n heeling to cure the issue if the door is banging on the jamb of the lock side then an Allen key would be required to adjust


Answered 1st Sep 2020

Some hinges have a cover over were allan key goes door look at hinge from inside it may have 2 screws if it does loosen
/undo them (dont drop them ) you should get to allan key then 4mm I think but as said in another answer it could need toe and heeling


Answered 1st Sep 2020

You need a SFS 9mm Spanner with 5mm Hexagon Bar
Copy and paste and google search.


Answered 1st Sep 2020

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