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Which wetroom base board

Hello everyone,

I'm converting a small downstairs room into a wetroom, for my elderly parents, and have some questions I hope you guys can help me with.

The room measures 5 by 5 feet, has an existing solid concrete floor, brick walls, all the external drainage in the near yard is close by, and enough floor height difference between the interior and exterior etc.

I don't want a raised shower-tray, but rather a walk in completely level throughout wetroom. Will be getting a trademan to do the job (once I find one), but want to do my homework first.

Once the drainage is dug and put into the concrete floor, my plan is to fix a 20mm thick shower marmox former and boards on the floor, tank it and the walls with bal (paint on stuff) and then tile.

Whilst googling came across and wanted to know if you guys had heard/think of it, or could recommend another?

If you have any suggestions/advice I would appreciate it.


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As with the earlier respondents, Marmox and Impey are good systems, but as you have a concrete floor, then a tray may not be necessary. The two key issues to deal with are the waste and the fall. If your waste isn't capable of draining away the water quick enough, then it will limit the showering time. If the fall in your floor isn't adequate then you will have water running around the rest of your property or again have a limited time to run your shower before you have to turn off the water and wait for the water to drain away.

Spending money on a decent system pays dividends and usually saves you installation time and is very much worth the investment. Other products you might consider are (my preferred system) or

If I was doing the job, I would be tempted to use a shaped board to get my fall and make the tiling easier (as well as insulating the room against the cold floor). This I would chop into the concrete floor to avoid the need for a step. Using the proprietary waste with the board would ensure trouble free drainage. Underfloor heating is more of a necessity that a luxury as it keeps the room looking good as well as warming the room perfectly. Finally, I would NOT use mosaics on the floor. Mosaics mean a lot of grout, and that is not good where lots of water is concerned... and it is harder to get a constant and accurate fall when using mosaics. Check out my photos to see how you cut the tiles to get the fall...


Answered 14th Apr 2011

hi marmox board is a very good product and highly reccomended the tanking system is called wp1 system or you can just use the tanking system only this will be efficiant as its a concrete floor but remember without using a tray you will need to make the falls in the tiles itself its sometimes best to use mosiac but depends where the waste is hope this information helps many thanks Darren


Answered 10th Apr 2011

There are alot of different ways you can do a wetroom, but i have always used Impey You can put this (very thin wetroom tray) is the floor and connect to your new waste then Impey do a product called tilesafe which can go down and then tile on top. We use damp proof boards on the walls and then put another liquid on that just to be safe.
The pictures of mine show the wetroom we did in Haworth which had a concrete floor and the good thing about the products i have mentioned is that they are thin so there is no step into the room.
There is alot to choose from, but hope this gives you some help.
Jamie Anderton


Answered 10th Apr 2011

Hi there, my first impression is that if you already have a concrete floor then you won't need a tray! get the drainage channel cut in and the waste run, then a good job with the envelope tiling towards the drain and the correct tanking with solves the tray issues.
regards mark


Answered 10th Apr 2011

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