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Minster joinery windows

Recently purchased a new build with MJ windows and doors.
Windows look poorly finished in my opinion. Developer says these windows are supposed to be like this. Opinions?

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Its very difficult to comment on personal views made on an established product in the market. Minster have a large portfolio of products & therefore if you have not received a satisfactory reply from your supplier, then you should contact FENSA.
Its the Federation of installers, who can call out to assess the project & ensure the product is suitable, fit for purpose & correctly installation.
They are very helpful & the service is free.


Answered 7th Sep 2020

Munster Joinery offer very very cheap products to the new build market their products are generally of poor quality I.e made to a price and engineered to just meet building regs. The finishing off on the outside on new builds is usually done by another trade, sealant guys who just fill around a 10mm gap with silicone. It all comes down to price as developers want maximum profits for their houses and windows only make up a small part of the home that you are buying so are largely overlooked by purchasers. They will probably last around 5-10 years and then it’s probably time for an upgrade from an actual window company that will install a good quality product and finish, seal and trim to high standard.


Answered 26th Sep 2020

I have had no dealings with the company and would not wish to comment on their products, what I would say is. House builders do try and press the buck to suppliers all the time as they are not willing to take the blame for anything that will take away from their top line profit , if the house builder is insistent that this is how the windows should be ask therm to let you see others of similar specifications on the site failing that speak with NHBC as they are the only people who will force your house builder in to action .?


Answered 28th Sep 2020

Having been a site agent for a company that supply and fit windows to new build it may surprise you that the company only fit the windows they do not finish then the windows are normally about the 3rd thing to go to a house after the roof ,floors and stairs I think you will find the finishing and cleaning is not down to window company and given the dust and everything else that floats around on building site they do get dirty ,scuffed etc but it's not down to window company the site agent may not have had a good company in doing the finishing touches.
Having said that it is very hard to judge with out pics


Answered 28th Sep 2020

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