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Wall piers on a wall

I had a guy come in to build a garden wall. He built concrete block piers, flat on flat about 10 block high on the wall. They are single upstands and very weak. Five of the piers have already come loose (no wind) and had to be pushed down from the wall. The builder has now suggested to build them again, but he will dig a footing next to the piers and build another flat on flat pier to the top of the wall using wall ties to connect to the wall. He will then bond the piers which are approx 1.5m high. So the bottom of the piers approx 1.2m will have wall ties going to the top of the wall and the piers 1.5m will be bonded. Would anybody know if this is ok?

Thank you in advance for any help.

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The piers should have been bonded in with the wall or tied by wall ties or if in a movement joint circumstance, been tied also with slip ties with the movement joint. As long as the pier has an appropriate footing and is tied in with wall through either wall tie or bonded or movement joint, then all is good. If the next bricklayer doesn’t use these methods then you should reconsider there professional conduct.


Answered 22nd Aug 2020

Piers should be bonded properly from the first course or will never be strong enough


Answered 22nd Aug 2020

If he built them tell them take it down do it again Proper footing
And piers all tied in. Easy peasy


Answered 22nd Aug 2020

First off...... get another builder in.
The fact he didn’t understand how to build a wall correctly in the first pace speaks volumes.


Answered 6th Sep 2020

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