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Repair/replacement of brick garden wall

I had been patching up some loose render on a low wall and noticed most of the brick behind it was blown and rotted so I dismantled most of it. I'm now left with one course of brick which is nearly level and in good condition (the pavement angles downward), so I'm hoping not to remove it. Problem is, it's backed by a breeze block slab which has been sunk halfway into the ground, with the top half rotting away. I was thinking of building a timber frame just above the first course around the whole lot and filling it with concrete, and then bricking over the top of that new footing (the whole lot will be rendered and dashed later anyway). Will this work? Or do I need to dig everything out and start again? Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated. - David

Edit: Some very helpful suggestions given by pro's, much appreciated. My concern is I won't be able to create a proper-sized footer since I'm limited by the pavement/roadway which is directly in front of the wall.

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Do the job properly will cost more if not done rite...dig all out put good footing in build breeze block wall if gonna render in first place dont use bricks too expensive waste of time with rendering this.


Answered 18th Aug 2020

take wall down put new footing in and dont use breeze block, use concrete blocks as they are much better to recieve render


Answered 18th Aug 2020

Use concrete blocks as breeze will rot over time


Answered 19th Aug 2020

Rip it out if footings ok build back off of that and use concrete block to render on them Should be bulletproof .


Answered 30th Aug 2020

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