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Replacing a damaged corrugated garage roof

Hi Guys,

I have a concrete garage with a pre fabricated apex roof which is in pretty poor condition,I would like the roof replacing and I was wondering roughly how much this would cost. the garage is approximately 21"x 9"6'
Having seen new pre fab garages I would like to have the roof fitted on to a wooden surround with infill pieces in place to make the structure weather tight.
Thanks for any advice given.



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There are loads of different roof materials you can use, probably one of the cheapest and easiest to fit is plastic coated, box section sheets, comes in different lengths and widths, and light weight.
If your existing is asbestos, then a licensed asbestos removal company will have to take it away, this will cost a few quid.
Cant really give a price, although you have given dimensions, as we dont know what material you want to use.
Its free to place your job on this site, and you may find a tradesmen to do your job and remove asbestos.


Answered 10th Apr 2011

A mate of mine has just had his done, The asbestos removal was £758, inc vat
He had a timber roof fitted covered with Shingles, About £2500 i think.


Answered 11th Apr 2011

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