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Fell/cut down an oak tree-do we need surveys?

We live in a terraced house in London and have a huge oak tree at the foot of the garden. The tree is dwarfing ours and my neighbours garden and we want to fell it / cut it down. Is this something that we can do(There is no TPO) simply by getting a tree surgeon in or do we need to get a survey done? Not sure if heave is an issue with felling the tree. Everyones gardens back onto each others. The tree surgeons didnt feel it would be a problem but I need to be sure.


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Hi, so long as you have checked that the tree is not covered by a TPO (house deeds or check with Local Authority) or is not subject to Conservation Area control then you are free to do what you like to the tree. A survey will tell you the general health status of a tree and is useful in deciding what course of action to take. It may establish that a tree is unsafe or is causing damage to property through heave for example, and therefore help in making a case for removing a tree subject to a TPO. In your case a survey would not be necessary if you have already decided that you would like to remove the tree.

Answered 10th May 2012

EcoTech Tree Care

Member since 10 Nov 2011

Do you live in a conservation area?
Check if the tree has a tpo (tree preservation order)?
If not your free to do what ever you want

Answered 13th Nov 2017

Local Tree Care

Member since 13 Nov 2017

always check with your local council to see if the tree is in a conservation area or has a TPO. also make sure that the tree is removed out of bird nesting season as a tree at the size your suggesting potentially will have nests and it is a large fine per animal disturbed. also be aware that as it is a large tree if the public see it being cut down they can actually put in place an emergency TPO to prevent the work but hopefully wouldnt happen. from the description you should be fine but always check

Answered 26th Jun 2018

Matthew Benson

Member since 8 Jun 2018

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