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Soil vent - how this works and where it should be placed?

I'm having a new bathroom installed on the GF and it's practically in midle of building. The builder runs a pipe from the bathroom inside the stud wall to the first floor bedroom and cut off below the floor board, the size of the pipe is like a normal waste pipe 1.5". There's insulation between joists and in addition to floor board, there will be 18mm chipboard on top then floor covering. Is this where the waste vent should go? Shouldn't it go outside? If it's under the floor of first floor with all that covering, how will air go in the vent? I'm concerned... The Building Control had been to look at the built once but will need to return for another inspection. BCO didn't see this pipe, it's put in after the visit. I asked the builder to let me know when BC will visit but he didn't. I spoke to BC office and there was no concern on first visit but there should be another visit after the drainage is done. I have asked builder again to let me know when BC next visits will be so that I could be present, he has not, not sure he will tell me.

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if there are no concerns by building control why are you so concerned.


Answered 11th Aug 2020

A soil vent pipe is installed to take waste water from upper floor toilets, baths and sinks into the underground drainage system.
The best place to fit a waste pipe is anywhere on the soil stack as long as it is not within 200mm below of the toilet outlet .


Answered 28th Aug 2020

building control do not allways inspect or get it right,is your builder using a a qualified plumber to design and carry out these works ?,if you are unhappy tell your builder and get him to explain,did you have drawings made up for this work ?, speak to building control yourself to sort it out,you are paying for the work you have to be satisfied with what is being done.


Answered 11th Aug 2020

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