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Changing thermostat to wireless and room thermostats?

I'm looking to change the main thermostat in my home and also renew radiator thermostats - I'm asking to find out what information I need to be able to make an educated decision about which new wireless thermostat I can buy, that will work with my current boiler.

I have a Vokera Combi boiler fitted 10 years ago, the boiler thermostat is always set at the highest and there's a basic termostat in the hall area which controls the temperature to come on at about 20C - all the rooms have the radiators set up to 5 as they seem to only work as on and off switches.

I'd like to have individual control of each room and need wireless control of the heating. I'm unclear as to which thermostat over rides which and would I only need a wireless thermostat for the hall area and leave the radiators at 5 - which doesn't sound efficient but it might for a start solve problem 1 - which is having wireless control over the main heating source, before then moving onto controlling each room.

I hope I have given you enough information to help you answer the question.

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Hi Vincint, if you can give us more information about your boiler then i am sure we can work something out for you.
Whether you have a a combi boiler or a regular boiler.
My company install honeywell products, as I am a honeywell network installer.
I am trying to assertain what you have so i can tell you which suits your boiler better.
There are packs of products that allow full part L regulations & other that just have a wireless thermostat
Tell me as much as you can and i will tell you what the best product i know to give you what you need.
I fit Drayton TRV4's to all my clients radiators and don't use anything else as i have never had a call back on them and they control to a tee.

Mr S Banks

Hi Vincint,
The TRV valves in the rooms do work like an on/off switches but should work on any setting. This setting is for your comfort.
If these are not working on all settings then you will need to get a some new TRV's or even get the system flushed if there is a build up of sludge in there, that is stopping them from working.
If you want individual control of the rooms other than TRV's, then the best thing for you would be radiator valves that have wireless technology in each radiator head.
These are on the expensive side, but work well.
They also come with a 7 day programmer/ thermostat so they all work together.
here is a link to a page that has this technology.
I hope this helps.

Kind Regards

Mr S Banks

Answered 5th May 2012

S.Banks Plumbing, Heating & Eco Energies Ltd

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