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Incorporate wasted sheltered area to kitchen / dining

We currently have patio doors from our dining room leading to a sheltered area (plastic/polycarbonate roof) next to our utility room and leading onto garden. So it has a utility room wall on one side and the wall adjoining the neighbours extension on the other. The area is wasted space. Is it possible / fairly straightforward to move the patio doors to match the boundary of the utility room and replace the roof with a glass roof? So it’s almost like a conservatory lean to but with two solid walls either side? It is only a small area (2mx1.5m approx).

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There is no problem moving the patio doors and putting on a glass roof but if you intend to leave an opening into the conservatory from the main house without a door Building Regulations will require the conservatory to be upgraded to a habitable room status which potentially would be a lot of work.
If the conservatory has a door or window separating it from the main house Building Regs will not apply.
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Answered 27th Jul 2020

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