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Applying a third layer of tiles

I have recently had my bathroom tiled and there are mistakes with the tiling. Some of them have been placed upside down. I have requested to have them fixed. The bathroom fitter is expecting us to pay for the cost of new tiles and he wants to apply them over the top. He already tiled over the existing ones so this would be a third layer. My main worry is the weight of the tiles and them potentially not holding for very long.

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A plaster skim finish holds 20kg per m2 of tiled area and a plasterboard without a skim holds 32kg per m2 of tiled area.

Your walls will already be well over the weight threshold, ideally the tiles should have been removed the first time.

If there is an installation fault, that is the responsibility of the Tiler, he shouldn't be asking for further cost to fix his mistakes and definitely not suggesting tiling a third layer.


Answered 24th Jul 2020

I’m afraid you are going to go back to bear basics to much weight sorry?


Answered 28th Jul 2020

The Tiler you employed is a cowboy that doesn't know the trade .
Whatever you do do not let him tile over the existing tiles .
His mistake so he should fix it for free and he should pay for additional tiles required .
If he insists you pay , tell him to do one and get a professional tiler to put his bodge work right


Answered 29th Jul 2020

3 layers is a big no no especially with a lot of porcelain tiles being used today golden rule of mine is don't tile over tiles it's to dodgy... get the tiler back and tell him to sort it at his own cost


Answered 2nd Aug 2020

Firstly it would depend on the original preconstruction discussions and what was advised or agreed upon.
If the customer agreed to the proposed works schedule then legally they contractually obliged to pay.
However, if the tiles or workmanship are faulty then the tiler would be legally bound to rectify or fix the problem.
Did the customer want a quick and cheap job or did they want a quality standard finish?
How many tiles need replacing, is it a few or the whole job in it entirety?
The tiler should put his work right as agreed as this would be part of his proposed contract as quoted.


Answered 2nd Aug 2020

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