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Hi Guys,

All the ceilings in upper part of my house are artexed and the plasterboard tapers from a position about two feet away from the exterior wall it tapers downwards towards the exterior wall as dictated by the construction of the loftspace, my loft space is also very shallow with very little insulation,
My question is this would it be possible to add battens to my existing ceilings, add insulation material in the shape of celotex boards between the battens and then overboard and skim the ceilings so that they are smooth and level?
If this is possible is it expensive? two of the rooms are approximately 4m x 3m and the other two room approximately 3m x 2m.

Thanks for any help provided.


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Probably the easiest way would be to over board your existing ceiling with insulated, backed plaster board, comes in different thicknesses.
Make sure you get board screws long enough to go through it, and existing into your timbers.
Find all your timbers first and mark them, so you know where your fitting.
Some artex, especially the older stuff contained asbetos, so be careful.
As for cost, theres a firm based in wales, called Seconds & Co (I Think) who sell damaged or missfit sizes, you will get them half the price, nothing wrong with them, maybe slight damage, so cant be sold as new.
They deliver free, and you inspect the materials before payment.

Answered 8th Apr 2011


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Hi Andy,
great suggestion and advice from brian B J D.
Can't really add much more to that,will be quicker,cheaper and you won't lose as much height on your ceilings.

Good luck with your project,


Answered 9th Apr 2011

carl melady

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hi, yes perfectly possible just need to watch head height as finished ceiling will be around 100mm / 4 inch lower

Bear in mind current building regulations state celotex insulation to be 150mm thick in attic roof so lot of replies of supposidly knowledgable people are incorrect!

Answered 8th Apr 2011

AJ Plastering & Building Services

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why not go for the strapping and foil back plasterpoard with glass wool packed in

Answered 8th Apr 2011

M&M Plastering

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hi there you can get thermal plasterboard which is polystyrene on the back of this and skimming this is probably your cheapest option.yours sincerely.neil

Answered 8th Apr 2011

n plastering

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Answered 8th Apr 2011

Building services

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just screw insulted plasterboard to existing cieling joists and skim 36m2 in all 16-18 boards i would charge around 1650 for 4 rooms of this size

Answered 8th Apr 2011


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Hi Andy,

If there isnt much space in your loft than this would be a perfect way to get nice smooth ceilings and insulate the rooms at the same time. Would use some bigger timber rather than batten and get some thick celotex up there? you could use 2 x 2 timbers and then install 50mm celotex, or if you have enough height you could use 4 x 2 timbers and then use 90mm celotex. This would be some good insulation then. Only thing will be a lot of extra weight so depends on condition of existing ceiling joists? Or you could always do a suspended ceiling.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any further questions.

Check out A & A insulation website they sell reject celotex and its half the price than buying it from Travis Perkins

Kind Regards

Jon Allen

Answered 8th Apr 2011

Conserve Building Services

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