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Leaking water waste pipe

Thanks for your help. Since I initially reported my slight leak from my waste water pipe. I have had a leak detection expert find exactly where the leak is dripping from (even if very slowly). It seems to stem from the joint from my waste waste water pipe connecting to the communal waste water stack which connects all 3 flats in the block.

Now this has stumped me. Because I haven’t used any water in my flat (Middle - 1st floor) for a couple of weeks and turned the stopcock off Altogether.

The leak guy said to fix the issue I’d need to eliminate possibilities. 1. There may be a back fill from the communal waste pipe if it has a partial blockage. Meaning the water was finding it’s level and leaking from my connection. 2. The waste pipe from my flat that connects the communal waste water pipe is in the wall - stems from within my bathroom wall. (Old council property) He stated that I would need to find out if that pipe connects to any other pipes in the building block to make sure before any work could be done. I have requested pipe works/ drainage within the block froM the council- does anyone know what this would be called?

I have booked the Mangement repair people to Come and investigate. Could it be a loose connection from the property above running down the outside of the communal waste pipe? If all my water is off - I cannot figure out where the water is coming from?



My kitchen sink connects through the wall to my bath and bathroom sink water waste pipes, then goes out of the flat.

In my bathroom it has recently started to leak slightly and this goes through to the bathroom in the flat below. I cannot see any leaks in my bathroom - though I think it maybe the connection where these pipes meet under my bathroom sink.

Does this seem like a connection problem where the pipes meet. Like a lose connection or where the seals have errowed. I cannot see /feel any water leaking under the sink connection, which makes me think it’s where the pipes meet that is the problem. (Loose connection making the water run and drip on the outside of the pipe).

What is the best way to 1. Locate the issue problem and 2. Best way to seal. Is there tape/ sealant that I could use hopefully without having to remove bathroom tiles?

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Hi Richard. If you can not see a leak then it is likely well hidden from DIY enthusiasts. It may not even be directly above the dripping ceiling because water is lazy and travels until it finds an easy way out. Perhaps post an add with my builder for an expert to have a look... other organisations are available. Regards, Bob.

Tip: Allegedly if you have a lease / freehold on a flat you should probably have access to the full "deeds of covenant" via your management company / landlord. It may have many pages but there may be a sentence that states all pipework within wall or floor space belongs to the landlord... ergo not your responsibility for leaks or damages caused. Only visible pipes are your responsibility, allegedly. Take legal advise / read the deeds etc. If it turns out it is the landlord's hot potato you can withhold some of your management fees until the repairs are done, allegedly. Take legal advise as this is my limited understanding of things. Bob.


Answered 20th Aug 2020

Hi, your best bet would be to fill both the basin and bath and run the water off and look for leaks, I've had this in the past where this will only leak when there's weight in the bath i.e a person, is there and flex in the bath when you stand in it?


Answered 23rd Jul 2020

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