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Building sand in concrete foundation.

I have poured a concrete strip foundation, 450mm wide and 200mm depth and good sub soil.
I used 1 part cement, 2 parts building sand and 4 parts 20mm concrete gravel and enough water to make it workable.
It is for a 1/2 brick thick shed, 2250mm in height.

Will that be a suitable foundation in regards to compressive strength etc.

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have you put any reinforcements in the base ‘ depending on amount of weight going on the base single or 2nd story building
I would suggest putting some 6mm or10 mm mesh in their with same width rebar around outside of the slab.
Your depth of concrete seems fine but i use a 2 3 4 method for extra strength.


Answered 30th Jul 2020

I wouldn’t recommend using building sand in any concrete especially a foundation you should use grit sand


Answered 20th Jul 2020

You should use sharp sand or ballast in concrete mix


Answered 30th Jul 2020

That mix should be fine as thought many years ago mix 4x2x1 aggregate sand OPC use buckets for correct measures this should arrive a value of 21nwt good for standard footings


Answered 17th Nov 2020

The footing will be weak if mixed with building sand, it won’t bind together like grit sand


Answered 20th Jul 2020

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