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What needs doing to repair this ceiling?

After a new roof was installed to a bay window, the internal ceiling appears to have dropped and is falling away. Though no signs of water. Is this common?

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Hi this not common..
If it's a plasterboard finish it may not have sufficient screws ,if not it's a structural issue and needs to be investigated ..


Answered 19th Jul 2020

More than likely the toffee has put weight in ceiling whilst installing vat window
Easiest fix cut it back re board and skim
Or find joists screw up and re skim if no water damage


Answered 31st Jul 2020

by "dropped" do you mean an old lath and plaster ceiling? sometimes the plaster is very dry and cracked and comes away from the wooden laths. If thats all it is and its not a serious stuctural issues then an acrow prop could be used to push it up, then (if access is possible) go up above it and use new plaster above to 'stick it back up'. Otherwise it will need pulling down before it falls down, then plasterboarded or replastered


Answered 4th Aug 2020

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