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What's the problem with my shower pump?

It is a stuart turner 1.4 bar twin pump. Ground floor flat with traditional cold tank above hot cylinder, with the pump on the floor next to the hot cylinder - think this means it is negative type as the shower is on a level with the cold tank(??). It is in a cupboard in the living room and feeds all taps in bathroom and in kitchen but I only switch it on to use the shower. Sometimes it works fine but other times it will not start and just hums. Is there anything I can adjust to fix it? Maybe it is limescale as the water is hard? If so, can it be cleaned? How much would it cost to get it serviced?

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I would check the non return valve in the pump if it has one, sound like it is sucking on air possibly because it needs to be primed

Answered 8th Apr 2011

P.J.P. Building Services

Member since 13 Mar 2011

if your cold water tank is at the same levef as your shower head then you definatley have a negative head situation,that is the only cause of your problem.Some pumps can be fitted with manual negative head kits,better your better of getting the stuart turner showermate 1.8bar universal(which means will work on neg and pos)
I fit about 30 pumps a year this is really your only solution.

Answered 9th Apr 2011


Member since 20 Feb 2010

intermittent faults are hard to point out without being on site doing some investigative work at least,
hope this helps a little,
also you could clean the inlet filters just in case of slight blockage.

Answered 8th Apr 2011

argyll leisure pool systems

Member since 26 May 2008

it sounds like you havewrong the type of shower pump you should have a shower pump for a negitive head which has a small expansion vessal attached also if the draw of from the cynder has not been done correctly this could cause problems re gards lewis for amber heating and plumbing

Answered 8th Apr 2011

amber heating and plumbing ofte

Member since 16 Jun 2010

Sticking pumps are usually due to mechanical rather than electrical or hydraulic problems, scale or debris are common causes of stuck pumps.
If it's intermittent it could be that the motor capacitor is breaking down and needs replaced as this item gives the motor a bit of a kick to get it started.
When the pump does run is it unduly noisy?
Pumps can be cleaned and serviced, but I would recommend Stuart & Turners own "Pump Assist" servicing as it is second to none.

Answered 8th Apr 2011


Member since 7 Apr 2009

It must be happy! If hums.
Sound like the thermostat is playing up, your decision should be based soon how much a new heater costs.(i presume its a instantaneous wall mounted)

Kind regards Louis.

Answered 8th Apr 2011

Louis Kingwill

Member since 2 Dec 2009

This sounds like you do not have a negative head pimp but a positive head pump. So, depending on how it was plumbed into the Hot supply it could be drawing air in or if the shower head is below the Cold Water Storage Tank level of water then it works, but if above height of storage tank to does not. Try dropping the shower hose into the shower or bath and then turn it on and if works then you know the problem. Thank you, Bill, Pipe Dreams Plumbing Services

Answered 12th Apr 2011

Pipe Dreams Plumbing Services

Member since 9 Sep 2009

It depends how old your pump is, however I suspect it is probably limescale damage that is the culprit, and if the problem has been going on for a while it could mean the pump will need to be replaced. Stuart turner pumps are very robust but if the brass impeller is damaged it could cause the pump to fail.
I don't think they make a 1.4bar pump any more the 1.5 bar is the smallest now and I believe even that is being phased out You shoud really use the pump for all your water beacause running water through it when switched off can lead to a build up of limescale in the impellers. try giving the pump a tap when it fails to work if that starts it you may get away with just cleaning it out.
Regards Cliff

Answered 8th Apr 2011


Member since 25 Sep 2008

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