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Fixing down 5.5mm ply

I am laying luxury Vinyl plank flooring in my living room and doing a 5.5mm ply subfloor over the tonge and groove floor planks but can’t find any 25mm Brad nails for my angled paslode gun does anyone know where I could get any or do they only do straight nails that small or should I just screw it

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You need to use 25mm ringshank nails @ 150mm centres to prevent squeaking.


Answered 17th Jul 2020

I think brad nails would eventually work themselves loose and end up with no end of problems.
I would stick the ply with a multi purpose flooring adhesive then I would either screw or use a coil nailer.


Answered 17th Jul 2020

I do agree with C. Steele on the ring shanks would be perfect . If your Nail gun accepts staples then I would use them never had an issue using this method in past
Hope this helps and good luck


Answered 17th Jul 2020


Personally I would not use brad nails, as they are like pins with hardly any heads on them.
You would have to glue the ply to floor also.

Depending on the size of the area, I would use 25mm ring shanks. Hammer or compressor.

Making sure the spacings between the nails are about 100mm and no more then 150mm apart.

Plywood needs fixing properly due to the importance of preparation before any floor covering is installed.

Hope this helps


Answered 18th Jul 2020

If your putting any plyboard on a wooden subfloor of any kind, should always be screwed down, every 6 inch squares, this allows for less movement, also will tighten up any loose boards underneath. Also would pay to use treated ply, less chance of any expansion


Answered 12th Sep 2020

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